Stream Season

Farewell to Summer, Hello to Stream Season: UK streaming increases 87% as September weather drives viewers indoors


The end of Summer is officially here, and our data has revealed a spike in video-on-demand consumption.

The shift in weather (and other doom and gloom) has led to video-on-demand streaming increasing by 87% in September from the average summer streaming rate from May to August.

September 2019 streaming is also currently on pace to overtake our previous highest streaming month ever (December 2018).

The busiest day of the new ‘Stream Season’ was Sunday 15th September which saw 3000GBps of content streamed – the equivalent of 6,000 full sitcom episodes streamed per second!

Whether it’s hangovers or pre-work blues, the most popular day for streaming each week is Sunday with streaming rising by 15% over the last two Sundays.

Even though streaming has changed how we watch, the main streaming time (9.00pm to 10.00pm) is the same as traditional TV. This was the peak time for streaming on every day of the week in both August and September showing that old habits die hard!

From 2018 to 2019, streaming of video across the Plusnet network has more than doubled.


The end of summer usually leads to a rise in streaming, but September 2019 has been our busiest month ever. More people than ever are watching video-on-demand so with all the big series due to hit our screens in Autumn - ‘Stream Season’ is here to stay!”.
Chris Cotterill, Head of Marketing