Gemma's Dilemmas

Essex Royalty, Gemma Collins, has landed a new role as agony aunt for the nation as she launches new campaign, Gemma’s Dilemmas, with communications provider, Plusnet.

Celebrating all things simple and straightforward, Gemma’s Dilemmas sees the former TOWIE star dish out advice in her trademark, no-nonsense style, tackling the nation’s most confusing dilemmas – from colleagues stealing packed lunches, to finding a reliable broadband provider, and even modern-day dating mishaps.

It comes as new research from Plusnet reveals the nation’s frustrations at how complex life has become. The study of 2,000 Brits found that three fifths (63%) wish life was more straightforward, with six in ten (57%) suggesting things have become too complicated and a further half (50%) actively seeking ways to have a more simple life.

When asked about everyday frustrations, Brits cited dressing incorrectly for the weather (23%), leaving their washing out in the rain (23%) and missing a train or bus by seconds (22%) as those that irritate them the most. A further fifth (19%) even admitted that regularly spilling their morning coffee on their shirt is one of the biggest pet peeves – leaving them tired and tetchy.

However, it’s good news for late sleepers as the survey found it gets better with age. While a fifth (20%) of Brits said sleeping through their alarm is one of the biggest daily frustrations, only 8% of over 55s admitted to snoozing too long, compared to three times as many 18-34 year olds (22%).

Brits can clear up their confusions with simple, straight-talking advice from the Queen of Essex in her new video, launched in line with Plusnet’s campaign That’s a Plus, which promises straightforward broadband at straightforward prices, with no hidden fees or extras. 

Plusnet agony aunt, Gemma Collins, said: “From technology mishaps to fashion disasters, I know what it’s like to deal with daily frustrations and so this is why I am launching my new campaign, Gemma’s Dilemmas, to give my advice to the nation and solve their problems – one step at a time. Keeping things simple is the key to a happy life babes, so let’s hope the nation takes a leaf out of my book”. 

Joanna Carman, Director of Plusnet said: “We know life can feel complicated at times and that now more than ever, the nation is craving a bit of simplicity. At Plusnet, while we might not be able to solve all of life’s complications, we can certainly make sure broadband isn’t one of them - with straightforward broadband at straightforward prices. For everything else, you’ll have to tune into Gemma’s Dilemmas or speak to the GC herself”.  

Plusnet promises straightforward broadband at straightforward prices, with its game-changing Full Fibre broadband available from just £24.99 a month. For more information visit: www.plus.net.

To watch Gemma Collins in Gemma’s Dilemmas, visit Plusnet’s Instagram @plusnet



1All data unless otherwise specified is from nationally representative poll undertaken Opinium between 27/6 and 30/6 2023

About Plusnet: 

Plusnet is laser focused in its approach to delivering reliable, straightforward broadband packages at great value - giving customers what they need to get online without any fluff. 

Plusnet now offers Full Fibre - its latest and best connection giving customers a flexible range of speeds to suit any home. Straightforward broadband at straightforward prices. That’s a Plus.