Plusnet Life Hacks with Frankie Bridge

Watch Frankie Bridge share with Plusnet her top three life hacks to help those of us who haven't been productive in lockdown


As over a half (53%) of Brits admitting to scrolling on their phones more during lockdown, it's no surprise that a fifth say they've felt unproductive while at home. Value-champion Plusnet has teamed up with Frankie Bridge to share her top three life hacks to help the quarter of the UK who haven't learned a new skill during lockdown squeeze the value out of their time at home.

With a fifth of Brits struggling to stay productive, more people than ever are on the lookout for ways to keep occupied and get more value from their time at home. Based on this, Plusnet has challenged Frankie to share her lockdown life hacks to inspire others to make the most of what’s around them while at home.


TikTok Dance Hack 

Frankie’s first hack includes her nifty trick on how to use TikTok to keep fit while at home - saving on online gym classes. While two thirds (68%) of Brits have been using fitness technology at home during lockdown, Frankie has regularly been sharing her self-made dance videos in a bid to keep fit using the nations' favourite app, TikTok. In the hack video Frankie reveals her TikTok tip to learning past-faced dance routines, by slowing down the recording to half speed, helping fellow Brits look like a pro dancer while staying fit on a budget.

DIY Kid's Art Gallery Hack 

Frankie also reveals how she's been making the most of her little one's art to finally make her house a home, revealing her hack for a wall art collage made from her children's artwork. Another top tip is to turn the artwork into canvas prints for the grandparents. With almost half (44%) of Brits saying they feel more connected with family and friends since lockdown, these gifts are another great way to stay connected to loved ones while spending time apart.

Home Cinema Hack 

As a family spending all their time at home Frankie also admits it’s been hard to find quality time with husband Wayne Bridge. As a solution, Frankie shares her tips for an impromptu ‘cinema’ date night. Using a bedsheet and Wayne’s footy goals to create an outdoor cinema on a budget, Frankie pulls together the perfect outdoor setting with candles and cushions, and even shares tips on how you can make your own tickets or film posters if you want to get the whole family involved.


On the hacks, Frankie Bridge said: “I’ve absolutely loved sharing my lockdown life hacks with Plusnet. Even as life starts to return to ‘normal’, it’s important to still find clever ways to make the most of what’s around us. I hope people can take inspiration from my hacks to make the most of their time at home together too.” 

Speaking of the life hacks, Sam Calvert, Plusnet Marketing Director said: “While lockdown may be slowly coming to an end, it’s clear we’re all still looking to make the most of what we have. Frankie’s simple and fun hacks are just a few of the nifty ways we can get more value from our time at home – helping us all be a bit savvier with our time and money in the process.”


View Home Cinema Hack
Home Cinema Hack
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DIY Kid's Art Gallery Hack
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TikTok Dance Hack