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Reliable broadband connections hinder Brits trying to get out of boring conversations, work meetings and online exercise classes

Today, communications provider Plusnet reveals how Brits are increasingly resorting to fake broadband blackouts to get out of things they don’t want to do as our lives move increasingly online. 

As the UK reaches the second lockdown anniversary, with Brits depending on their home broadband more than ever, the number of times people pretend they have connection problems to avoid doing things has soared 50% since the start of the pandemic. 

Pulling a sickie (34%) remains the top excuse but one in eight (12%) now points the finger at their router to avoid unwanted activities.

Those who admitted using the excuse said they’ve done so an average of 5.2 times since March 2020 when lockdown began. Before lockdown, the average was 3.5 times.  

The research by communications provider Plusnet shows work is the top thing Brits use their broadband crashing as an excuse to get out of, with 17% dodging online meetings with their boss. Others used it to skip exercise classes, virtual quizzes with family or friends, awkward online dates, and online job interviews that were going badly. 

Plusnet – which is offering reliable unlimited fibre broadband for £22.99 with no activation fee – also found nearly two thirds (63%) admit their home broadband is so reliable it rarely crashes - with nearly a quarter (22%) wishing it would crash more.  

One in six (16%) Brits also suspect other people have faked connection problems while speaking to them but just six per cent have ever been caught out, resulting in getting in trouble at work and family arguments. 

Sales executive Ronan Collins, 25, from Waterloo, London said he blamed his late start at work on his broadband to grab an extra hour’s sleep the day after a Six Nations rugby match. 

 He said: “I’m usually a very honest person, but when my colleague scheduled an 8:30am video call on the Monday after the Six Nations rugby, I knew I needed an extra hour in bed. 

 “If this happened before remote working I would have had to face the music, but instead I managed to sneak an extra half hour of recovery sleep by saying my broadband was down. 

 “I woke up feeling marginally better and put in an extra couple of hours of work that evening.  

“My home broadband is very reliable, but my Monday morning meetings definitely have me wishing it would be a bit less reliable from time to time.” 

Joanna Carman, Director at Plusnet, said: “We’ve all been roped into doing things we would rather give a miss but with fast and reliable broadband available, consumers are going to have to get more creative with their excuses.     

“Now the world is becoming increasingly simplified through technology - gone are the days when unreliable home broadband holds you back.  Plusnet’s broadband is so user-friendly that you simply plug in and play.” 




Brits’ top excuses for getting out of things they don’t want to do 


Being ill 


Being too tired 


Emergency involving family or friend 


Broadband crashing or bad connection 


Too much work to do 


Diary clash 


Having to look after a child or pet 


Having to work late 


It’s too cold 


It’s too rainy 



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