Nice Device List


Plusnet has announced a new partnership with independent not-for-profit organisation Internet Matters to improve online child safety.

Plusnet is using its position as one of Britain’s best known internet service providers to amplify Internet Matters’ wealth of advice and resources which are designed to help keep children safe online.

The communications provider joins the industry group and will be working alongside existing partners including BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media, BBC, Google, Facebook, EE, and Huawei. The industry coalition aims to help families ensure their children enjoy connected technology smartly and safely.

To mark the new partnership, Internet Matters and Plusnet are launching a campaign to help parents keep their children’s and any family members’ devices on Santa’s nice list, making the most of the full range of tools and settings available.

Parents buying electronic devices this Christmas will be encouraged, through social media, to visit a bespoke microsite - nicedevicelist.com - jointly created by the two organisations.

The microsite will take them to a quiz where they will be tested on their knowledge of online safety, including topic such as parental controls and privacy settings

At the end of the quiz, they will be given the opportunity to download and print a letter to their child from Santa Claus himself on how to use their device safely and stay on Santa’s ‘nice’ list.

Parents can then give the letter to their child alongside the new device and also share the letter on social media with the hashtag #NiceDeviceList to promote the importance of using technology both safely and smartly.

The campaign is being backed by top social media bloggers this Christmas including those behind the parenting blogs Mudpie Fridays and Going on an Adventure, to increase the awareness of the campaign.

Internet Matters was set up in 2014 with government backing by the UK’s four biggest internet companies, BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media, in the first industry coalition of its kind.

Since then it successfully launched a number of impactful campaigns on issues including cyberbullying, sexting, privacy, online grooming and inappropriate content, offering parents, carers and teachers practical, step-by-step advice on how to engage with children on these issues and setting up parental controls.



“Helping families build digital resilience is something we care deeply about and we’re so pleased to be working with Internet Matters. We want to share their expert advice to help parents keep their children safe online.”
Steve Wilson, Director of Commercial, Marketing and Digital at Plusnet