New Year, New Me

With dating app usage spiking on ‘Dating Sunday’, we've polled the nation to reveal online dating habits, including four dates a month, £52.88 per date and five potential lovers on the go at once


With many of the UK’s 15 million singles planning to get their love life in order for their new year’s resolution, we've delved deeper to find out the true online dating habits of the nation – revealing the positive force of tech on the nation’s love lives.

As a spike in dating app downloads and usage on 5th January* marked the start of this year’s e-dating season, also known as ‘Dating Sunday’, the new data shows the power of the internet in making it easier than ever to date successfully, with 56% of the nation saying they couldn’t imagine a world without online dating.

Generations across the board have embraced this new world with impressive juggling skills – 15% of the nation’s singles ‘like’ every profile they come across and nearly a quarter (23%) of 18 – 24-year olds have at least 10 online dating conversations on the go at once, which averages out as five across the board.

Meeting on a dating app is no longer taboo as the average singleton goes on at least one date a week with 66% of Baby Boomers crediting the creation of dating apps with improving their love lives. Nearly half (46%) even admit they haven’t been on a date without the help of a dating app in the past 10 years. As a nation, we’re averaging an impressive four dates a month and in addition, over 70% of the younger generations know at least one couple who have met on a dating app.


Accents continue to be a driving factor in finding love and singletons may want to book a trip to the capital as Londoners are named as having the most attractive accents. Scotland and Northern Ireland are named as close second and third, with the least attractive being Bristol, Liverpool and Birmingham.

When it comes to love at first sight, a quarter of men say their online dating photos are more than two year’s old in a bid to get more swipes, however women are more honest, with 42% using pictures less than six months old.

The price of dating culture can be expensive however – overall as a nation, we spend an average of 52.88 per date, and this varies across the ages, with the younger generation are splashing the cash with reckless abandon by spending £68.46 to woo a potential partner. This equates to well over £3.5k a year – compared to their older counterparts who say they wouldn’t spend more than £10 on a future lover.


With the internet now such an integral part of our dating lives and romance being revolutionised by online apps, we wanted to take a closer look at  how the nation's daters are using technology to find love. ‘Dating Sunday’ is the perfect time to kick off dating new year’s resolutions and get online to find the one!
Chris Cotterill, Head of Marketing