Antony Cotton's That'll Do Moments

Savvy Brits love the thrill of a deal - celebrating nearly 7,000 bargains over their lifetime, reveals Plusnet


Today communications provider Plusnet launches a new campaign celebrating the great British nose for good value, as new research shows we bag an average of nearly 7,000 bargains over our lifetime.

People in Belfast land the most deals in the UK - 11 a month, compared to the national average of nine - closely followed by Edinburgh and London, while people in Oxford rate themselves the savviest consumers in the country, with 95% claiming they are good at securing a great buy.

Yorkshire-based Plusnet’s latest campaign ‘That’ll Do’ is based on the local expression for when you get more than you bargained for. Plusnet is taking things back to basics for customers with simple, reliable broadband with great service when you need it – providing genuinely good value for money.

As part of the campaign, Plusnet has teamed up with Coronation Street actor Antony Cotton to share his That’ll Do moments.

Despite being one of Britain’s most recognised TV stars - playing Sean Tully in Coronation Street for 17 years - he admits he still loves the thrill of a good value deal and he even has a dedicated ‘bargain room’ in his Lancashire home. Antony, and his mum Enid get together in a hilarious Gogglebox-style video, to share their best stories of bagging deals and getting great value.

Antony and Enid poke fun at each other as they share their own ‘That’ll Do’ moments…from spectacular hotel upgrades and making their own clothes, to double-yolk eggs and getting extra gravy.

Britain’s favourite ‘That’ll Do’ moment – where they’ve got more than they bargained for - is an upgrade to a better hotel room, with 1 in 4 (25%) revealing they’ve experienced this and people in Glasgow (33%) and Edinburgh (37%) pulling it off more than anywhere else.

People also revealed their techniques on how to secure a deal in the first place, with a quarter of people in Bristol (25%) pretending an item is missing from their meal to get free takeaway food, and one in four people in Liverpool (24%) fibbing it’s their birthday.

Antony Cotton said: “I get the thrill of a deal from Enid – she’s the absolute queen of getting bang for your buck and has taught me everything I know. We loved sharing those moments where you get more than you bargain for and joining Plusnet in championing great value.

“Anyone watching the video will see how much Enid and I bond over bargains – and that she’s not afraid of putting me back in my place! She particularly loves the bargain room in my house, which is filled with bulk purchases.”

Sam Calvert, Marketing Director, at Plusnet, said: “It’s not just people in Yorkshire who love great value deals and those moments where you get more than you expect are always worth celebrating, no matter how big or small.

At Plusnet we believe value for money is simple, reliable broadband without the bells and whistles but with great customer service and at a fair price. That’ll do.”


That'll Do Moments

Antony Cotton is available for interview

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About Plusnet

Plusnet was born in 1997 with a simple plan – to think and act differently from other communications providers and save consumers and businesses money. That's not changed since the day we launched; 23 years later we're still providing great value phone, broadband and mobile services nationwide, from our HQ in Yorkshire.

We pride ourselves on keeping things simple, giving great value broadband and offering the best customer service out there. And we’ve got a stack of awards to prove it as we were recently awarded ‘Best Broadband Provider’, ‘Best Value Provider’, ‘Best Customer Care’ at the Broadband Genie Awards 2019. We've also won ‘Best Value Pay Monthly’ at Uswitch’s Broadband and Mobile Awards 2020 and ‘Best Provider Customer Service’ for a staggering seven years in a row in. It’s an award voted for by the public, which makes us feel extra proud.

For more information visit: http://www.plus.net.

*Research of more than 1,000 UK adults carried out by Prospectus global in October 2020. Brits average amount of deals per month = 9. This was multiplied on the basis of an average adult’s lifespan from aged 18 to 81, to reach the figure of nearly 7,000 (exact: 6,804).